Noel's Waltz


The Noel's Waltz was choreographed by John & Loreen Batterham in celebration of Noels’ life. 



Noel's dream in opening the Let’s Dance Ballroom Studio with his wife Lyndel was to pass on his love of dancing to the next generation of dancers. 

We hope you enjoy this New Vogue Waltz arranged in memory of Noel who found happiness in dancing throughout his life.  

Here is a demonstration of the Noel Waltz danced by John and Loreen Batterham.

Noel's Waltz Walkthrough by John and Loreen Batterham

 The full script of Noel's Waltz is linked to the page so please enjoy the dance and feel free to teach this lovely waltz to other dancers.

The Noel Waltz is taught and danced at Lets Dance Ballroom Studio along and danced at most social dances around Brisbane.  Here is a typical studio night with a group of dancers learning the Noel Waltz including Noel's wife Lyndel partnered by William Watson.

Trisha can be contacted on Mob: 0412 308 641 or email Trisha on Please contact Trisha if you would like to learn this lovely waltz.