The Lyndel Waltz


Sadly Noel passed away in 2017 but if you would like to learn the Lyndel Waltz please contact Trisha who now owns the studio and would love to help you learn and enjoy this wonderful waltz



The Lyndel Waltz was choreographed by Noel as a wedding present for his wife, Lyndel in 2006 and was reviewed by peer professionals and registered in 2010 so that it can now be enjoyed by all.

Noel and Lyndel started the Let's Dance Studio with the view of passing on their love of dancing to others

Noel did a Walk through of the Lyndel Waltz - feel free to share with your friends

Lyndel and Noel would like to see the Waltz danced and enjoyed so please feel free to download the Lyndel Waltz script.

Click here to view the Lyndel Waltz danced by Noel and Lyndel

The Lyndel Waltz is one of the many dances taught on a Tuesday night at Nundah Memorial Hall in Brisbane, Let's Dance Studio. The Lyndel Waltz is danced in England and all across Australia including most of the weekend dances across Brisbane, Sunshine and Gold Coast.  All the dances taught on a Tuesday night are danced around the various weekend dances. 

Trisha can be contacted on Mob: 0412 308 641 or email Trish on