Bridal Dance


Welcome to Lets Dance and congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Learning to dance for a wedding can be an enjoyable experience and is something that you can cherish forever. 

 Whether the goal is a simple one, to feel more natural and confident on the floor with the basics, or a larger goal of something more impressive, I have the experience to create your special dancing debut!

 Those with little or no dance experience, you will be surprised with what I can do with your two left feet to make your wedding dance one of the magic moments of the day.

 I cater for the most simple bridal dance requests for those who just want the minimum to ‘survive the experience’ and not look awkward, through to a first wedding dance for those who want to make their Bridal Dance a memorable part of the reception.

 I believe that looking natural and comfortable and feeling great has an equal priority to learning dance steps and my lessons are a balance of components to make sure this is what you achieve for your wedding first dance.

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 Whether you just want to look completely natural and ‘non-rehearsed’ doing a simple sway with some nice dips and turns, or want to learn a traditional, formal and elegant Ballroom dance, or want something relaxed and fun that will entertain your guests and have them talking about your wedding dance for years to come, I am here to help!

 Once you have learnt your special dance and are confident with the choreography, why not invite your bridal party or friends/family along to join in some of the lessons before the big day!

 I can offer you one hour private lessons $80 per hour plus a special package price for 5 lessons of $375 that are very competitively priced, making Lets Dance your first choice for affordably priced wedding dance lessons.

 Contact me today on Mob: 0412 308 641 or email: and let me help you make many happy memories together!