Ballroom Dance Lessons - Private or Group

 Ever considered private lessons to receive the individual help you would like?

 Private ballroom dancing lessons have many advantages:

 You can choose the dances you want to learn.

  • The pace and level of instruction are tailored to your individual learning style.
  • Personal attention to your individual needs results in more rapid progress.
  • With fewer distractions, you’ll get more for your dancing dollars.
  • You can ask the instructor questions about dances that you may not be able to have answered in a large group setting.
  • You will receive individual attention which is not possible in large group classes.
  • No partner? No problem! You dance with the instructor.
  • Private lessons can be scheduled at your convenience.
  • We offer private lessons for singles, couples and small groups.
  • You can bring up to three persons for a private lesson for the same price.
  • Gift Certificates in any denomination are also available.

 Private lessons at Let’s Dance Ballroom Studio can be booked individually per hour for up to three people. It will be $5 extra for any additional persons. We also offer a special package of five private lessons. It is also possible to have half hour lessons (conditions apply).


(Payment for lessons must be made with cash or by direct debit).


Contact Trisha on Mob: 0412 308 641 or email: